The president of the Italian Footballers Association (AIC), Damiano Tommasi said, this season’s competition could have ended now. The coronavirus pandemic effect, plus the handling that has not been maximized, will give the heaviest consequences, that is, the entire competition will soon be over.

However, according to Tommasi, all competitions in Italy, especially the Italian League Serie A will have a greater negative effect if it continues to be forced. Moreover, if you force yourself so that there are spectators who come to the stadium, which is one of the things that people need to avoid due to this pandemic.

On the other hand, Damiano Tommasi assessed, the lockdown decision for sports activities will be the subject of discussion this afternoon in Italy. “We will discuss many things with Minister Spadafora. There are many alternatives, but only a few will become attention,” he said.

At present, the Italian League Serie A is still not running. The postponement of several matches, until an undetermined week, was a separate blow. Most recently, several clubs have called for a delay and a reduction in the salaries of football stars.

The AIC should hold a meeting with Italian and Serie A soccer authorities to discuss players’ salary issues with Serie A on Monday.

However, Tommasi suspected there were other plans to respond to the Italian government’s plan which would extend the lockdown period.

Tommasi also commented on cutting the salaries of players and staff. Juventus became the first Serie A club to say it would cut salaries and the players had agreed. So, as long as there are no problems between players and clubs, the Italian football association does not need to intervene, as did Juventus.

Juventus, the first Italian club to make wage cut

Juventus cut team salaries to overcome financial problems due to the coronavirus pandemic. The attitude of the players who don’t mind the move can be complimented.

The coronavirus pandemic forced Europe’s top leagues to stop competition, including the Italian League. The absence of matches and the cessation of other activities affected the club’s income, including Juventus.

To maintain the financial stability of the club, Juventus decided to cut the salaries of the first team and coaching staff until June. The decision pressured club spending up to 90 million euros. agen Judi online

Currently, the Italian League Serie A has completed Giornata 26. Juventus are at the top of the standings, one point above Lazio.

Serie A competition was affected by the spread of the coronavirus or Covid-19. The competition had to be stopped temporarily because the Italian government did a lockdown. Italian clubs have just played 26 matches this season. If according to schedule, the Italian League should end around July-August.

Inter Milan itself is in third place in the Italian League standings with 54 points. But Antonio Conte’s men still have one match postponed. Not yet known whether the Serie A will be resumed or finished in the mid-way. Because the coronavirus outbreak in Italy is getting worse in the future.

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