Finding the Perfect Tutu Dress

Trendy children’s fashion has boomed in retail stores nationwide over the last several years. Whether it is a special event or just everyday life, your little one can be as fashionable and chic as you are. No longer for only ballet, the tutu dress has emerged as a popular trend for children’s fashion. From frilly church dresses to beautiful flower girl gowns, finding the right tutu dress in Utah can add elegance to any occasion.

Add Pizazz to Your Bridal Party

Choosing wedding colors is one of the biggest decisions you make when planning that special day. Each selection of colors is just as distinctive as the bride. Whether you decide on perfect pastels, summer brights, or classy black and greys, your bridal party should reflect your uniqueness. One major bridal party attendee is the flower girl. With an assortment of styles and sizes to pick from, picturing that perfect tutu dress can go far beyond only colors. All tutus have a certain level of puffiness. One popular style with exceptional volume is the “big and poofy” style. This style involves large skirts usually make with a tulle or nylon fabric. The thinner net-like material gives the tutu the added fluff without weighing it down. If you are looking for a tutu with a little less fluff there are other styles available with less mass. This still gives you the same tutu style with without what some find to be a bulky feel.

Make It Last

Properly caring for your tutu can ensure it lasts as long as possible. Tutus should be hand washed in cold water with a mild laundry detergent. Gently massage the spotted or stained areas if needed and then hang dry. If the tutu gets wrinkled, you can gently steam the skirt. Ironing tutus can cause certain materials to melt and therefore should be avoided if possible.

Accessorize Your Tutu

Many tutus can be accessorized with a variety of different options. Adding a favorite flower to the bodice or waist of the tutu can give it an extra splash of fun. Another popular possibility is placing small flowers or petals throughout the entire skirt. Tutu dresses may come with small or large bows tied to the top straps. In addition, curly ribbons can be draped down the skirt of the dress. Large flower headbands are another fashionable way to accessorize. These headbands can be made with rhinestones, ribbons and other accents with various colors available.  Bolero jackets are another trendy way to embellish your little one’s tutu dress. Bolero jackets are mid torso in length with cap sleeves to cover the tops and cusps of the shoulder. This offers the perfect coverage without taking away from the elegance of the tutu. No matter what you choose, accessorizing your tutu dress in Utah can add beauty and fun to any occasion.

Take Your Watch to an Expert for Battery Replacement

Gold CobblerEach day around the world, millions of people have busy schedules to stick to, and they use time to do it. People in ancient times used shadows cast by the sun to determine the approximate time of day. Thankfully, time-keeping devices have come a long way since then. If schedules were thrown off every time clouds covered the sun, not much would get done. Watches were developed in the 17th century to give individuals the ability to know what time it is at any point of the day. Although there are plenty of other ways today to keep track of time, watches are still a useful and stylish accessory, and they can be kept in good shape for many years with help from jewelry and watch repair professionals, like those at The Gold Cobbler. Continue reading »

Every Wedding Gown Has a Story

When you think about brides, your mind is probably bombarded with images of beautiful wedding gowns in NYC.

Different cultures have different traditions regarding wedding apparel. There is definitely a story behind each tradition, but when you think about it, there really is a story behind each individual wedding gown that any bride has ever worn.

Some people wear wedding gowns that have been passed down for generations. Maybe there was a grandmother who couldn’t afford to buy a dress and ended up sewing one on her own that was more beautiful and elegant than anything you would find at the store. After that dress was passed down from generation to generation, you ended up seeing it on a lovely young bride.

You never know the story of a gown until you build up the courage to ask about it, but when you find the courage, you discover that a lot of brides have great stories to tell about the dresses they chose to wear for the most important day of their lives.

Some girls dream about getting married from the time they are young, and have already narrowed down the dress choice long before a marriage proposal comes along. Their college apartments are filled with bridal magazines, and for them, dressing up in their wedding gowns ends up being the most exciting part of their whole wedding.

There are other women who never thought they would get married. They either had no desire to get married or had given up hope that the right man would ever come along. They often start out reluctant to get their hopes up too much.

They hesitate to even go dress shopping, either because they have to overcome an attitude of thinking that such things are silly or because they still feel like their engagement is just too good to be true.

Eventually they set up a time to go shopping with their moms, and experience the mother-daughter bonding experience of a lifetime while picking out their wedding dresses.

One of the coolest things about hearing brides’ stories about how they picked their dresses is that while every story is unique, they are all equally awesome. Even the bride that managed to get a steal on her wedding dress at a second-hand store has a great story to tell.

It just goes to show that you should never judge wedding gowns in NYC by their covers.

Sporting Goods for Your Next Camping Trip

Are you looking for sporting goods in Baton Rouge, Louisiana? Camping trips are a great way to get out of the city and enjoy some fresh air and some of the simpler things in life. Whatever your next camping trip is going to be, you should make sure that you are prepared. There are lots of different kinds of trips, and the equipment that you need is different for each one. Here are some things that will help you know what kind of equipment you will want for your next adventure.

Car Camping

Car camping can be really fun. It involves driving somewhere with your friends or alone and camping near your vehicle. The really nice thing about car camping is that you can bring almost anything you want. Most families do this type of camping because of how easy and fun it can be. There are lots of products available to make your trip more comfortable. Anything from solar showers to gas stoves can spice up the trip. Talk to your local retailer about available options.

Short Backpacking Trips

Some people prefer just to get away from civilization for a few days. They pack up the necessary items into a backpack, strap it on their shoulders, and hit the trail. For short trips, it isn’t super important that you have the lightest gear that they make. Ten or fifteen extra pounds won’t make too much of a difference over a couple of days. When looking for gear for your next weekend backpacking excursion, you don’t have to buy the lightest stuff available. You can save some money and buy things that are little heavier.

Long Distance Backpacking Trips

If you are going to be on the trail for a week or more, you might want to consider reducing the weight of your pack. There are many ways to do this. There are now lots of manufacturers of ultra-lightweight equipment designed for this exact use. Over 10,000 steps, one or two extra pounds can make a huge difference. In a similar vein, there are nutrition-dense foods that you can buy that will save space and weight in your pack. Also, consider getting a lightweight water filter or even water purification tablets. That way, you won’t have to carry a lot of extra water and can filter it from streams as you hike.

There are lots of places to find sporting goods in Baton Rouge. Make sure that you buy the right kind of equipment for your next trip to the woods.

Supports Socks Will Help Poor Circulation

34-39If you have a job where you are on your feet all day long, you know what it is like to come home with tired legs and feet. It can sometimes take a couple hours for you to recover by putting your feet up. If this is happening to you, this may be evidence of a larger problem. As you age, sometimes your veins don’t have the same pressure as they did when you were younger. This means that the blood flowing to your feet does not have the same pressure to return to your heart as fast as it should. This slowing of your circulation and lack of oxygen in your blood can be helped. A good pair of support socks can make all the difference.

Exercise Boost

If you have started an exercise program after a few years vacation from the gym, you might be having the tired leg syndrome too. When you are walking on the treadmill or jogging outside, your circulation may not be up to par. Continue reading »

Funky Jewelry Trends You Need to Wear

funky jewelryWhen it comes to jewelry trends, bloggers can be a huge help. Many bloggers track the latest funky jewelry trends and suggest outfits and styles to match. If you want to update your style, buying new jewelry can be a welcome addition. Here are some fashion jewelry trends to consider adding to your style.

Statement Necklaces

A lot of people like to wear large statement necklaces. They can come in large silver or gold stones and various unique designs. It is a good idea to look at a variety of necklaces, and to check the measurements before buying them. Continue reading »

Shopping Jewelry Stores for the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

Although it may not quite be on your mind yet, Mother’s Day will be here before you know it. Mother’s Day is one of those holidays that is very important to remember. It is a day in which you need to make sure you have taken care of all the women in your life. It is also not terribly easy to shop for. However, hitting up the jewelry stores in Lansing, MI, is a good place to start.

Why Women Love Jewelry

No one doubts that most women love jewelry, but have you ever stopped to wonder why this is the case? Have you ever wondered what it is about jewelry that women love? In a nutshell, the reason women love their jewelry so much is because it makes them feel beautiful. Jewelry accents their beauty and they feel good about themselves with it on. This is not to say that they do not feel good without it, but they love the way they look with it on. It is an accessory to complement or complete their outfit. Continue reading »

How To Look For A Seamstress For Bridal Gown Alterations

It is actually not uncommon for brides to have some fitting problems with their Calgary bridal gowns. Those that have acquired their dresses from high end boutiques might have no problem as these establishments usually offer free adjustment services. However, for the ladies who will be using inherited dresses or those ordered from other states, finding a seamstress might just be essential.


There are several methods that may be employed when searching for a seamstress who can do wedding dress alterations in Calgary. One is through asking for personal recommendations. Under this approach, clients may resort to asking their neighbors, friends or family members for capable seamstresses who can carry out the job.


For a more reliable source of recommendations though, it may help to consider asking professionals. Clients may approach several clothing stores or boutiques and make inquiries from them. They might be able to refer people whom they had previous dealings with before or directly lead clients to the seamstresses who work for their shop.


Continue reading »

How to Add Sophistication to Your Wardrobe with Silk Shawls and Scarves

Silk shawls and scarves provide more than warmth and coverage for your neck and shoulders. These accessories add sophistication, class, and elegance to your wardrobe. They can add color and visual interest to the most boring outfit in your closet. Given the diversity of these accessories, it is a wonder that more women do not take advantage of them. These wardrobe enhancing accessories can be worn as a casual statement or add a touch of elegance to your traditional little black dress. Here are three ways that shawls and scarves can make you stand out!

Evening Wear

Do you have an office party to go to after-hours? Maybe you are meeting that special someone for drinks after work. A trendy, fashion scarf can take your daytime look well into the evening as quickly as you can throw it over your shoulders. Continue reading »

If FR Clothing Safe for Your Child?

To many parents fire resistance clothing makes perfect sense to protect their children from potentially dangerous burns. However, in resistant years there have been some parents who are speaking out against FR clothing, claiming that the chemicals these clothing products contain present more immediate health concerns. Do you have small children in your household? Here are some points you may consider the next time you purchase those cute flame resistant pajamas.

What is Flame Resistant?

Clothing is considered flame resistant after it meets federally mandated safety guidelines. In order to meet these guidelines, the clothing must be made of a material that is able to self-extinguish once the source of the fire is removed. Continue reading »